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Welcome to Meadow Wood School, on behalf of the students, staff and governors of Meadow Wood School I would like to welcome you to explore our website. It is designed to give you comprehensive information about the teaching and learning at our school. If you would like more information you are very welcome to visit our school, to arrange an appointment please contact the school office.


Meadow Wood School takes pride in providing a highly individual curriculum for primary age students who have physical and neurological impairments. Our curriculum is designed to meet each child's individual learning needs in a caring and nurturing environment. Working in partnership with parents, carers and multiagency teams, enables us to provide our students with the provision that not only promotes their progress and learning but also supports their overall development


Meadow Wood School's governing body is working closely with Breakspeare Schools governing body to establish a "Federation" between the two schools. Please look at the "Information" section on our website to find further information about this initiative.


Merja Paakkonen

Headteacher of The Sunflower Federation of both Meadow Wood and Breakspeare School







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