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Our Facilities


Each classroom is equipped with an array of appropriate equipment and technologies to meet child's many and diverse needs. There are two changing / care areas which ensure privacy and dignity in care routines: one located between Classes One and Two, and the other between Classes Three and Four. Children have access to our Sensory Room, Hydrotherapy Pool and an outdoor environment offering a variety of educational opportunities.








Indoor Environment



Sensory Room

The sensory room provides opportunities for our children to explore and discover new sensory experiences supported by personalised programmes.  Using a variety of sound, light and tactile equipment our children are always supported by skilled staff so that we always make the most of every learning opportunity.






Hydrotherapy Pool

Our recently refurbished hydrotherapy pool benefits from a lighting and sound system which enables learning to be tailored to the individual needs of our children.  A variety of equipment ensures that all children are safely transferred into and out of the pool so all can participate.









Outdoor Environment


The outdoor learning environment includes opportunities to explore, learn and set challenges in a safe and supported context. The children have the opportunity to learn about horticulture in our large acessible greenhouse.

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