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Federation FAQ'S

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Federation?


Federation is a means where schools can make a formal agreement to work together. It is different to the academy process because the schools agreeing to federate remain as Local Authority Community Schools where they will continue to be regarded as individual schools. Keeping their existing Department for Education (DfE) category and their funding structure etc. The change to their status only comes at governance level, as the governing bodies of the schools federationg become a single governing body.



How long will it take before we become an academy?


"Federation" means that two or more LA maintained schools will be operating under one governing body. Forming a Federation is not about forming an academy, this might be considered in the future but it is not on our agenda now.

Would staff be asked to work at another Federation school?


Present staff will keep their contracts with their current school. They wouldn't be forced to work at another school. Any proposed change of the work place would only take place after consultation and liaison with a particular staff member. New staff will be appointed by the Federation and their contract will include flexibility to work across the Federation.



How would the senior leadership team look under the Federation?


The Federation would be formed of; one governing body, one headteacher and leadership team. The formulation or structure of the leadership team is at present under discussion, the Federation committee is researching different models.

Will the designation of BS and MW change?


BS designation is SLD (Severe Learning Difficulties) MW designation is PNI (Physical and Neurological Impairment). Changing the designation of a school is not part of the Federation process; changing the designation of a school would be led by the Local Authority (LA).

Will there be opportunities for staff to work across both schools?


Staffing roles will remain unchanged but the partnership will encourage an open sharing of knowledge and skills across both schools that could offer opportunities for staff to gain experience and expertise.

Is it possible to combine CPD and INSET training opportunities across the Federation?


Absolutely, it is likely that the Federation provides effective use of CPD opportunities and resources. However both schools have different individual training needs and these need to be provided.

What happens if the Federation process doesn't move on?


If it is decided that the Federation process should not move forward. BS leadership would return to its original structure and MW would seek new alternatives for their leadership.

What joint resources can BS and MW offer to the students?


For example; art and drama workshops; shared theatre and productions; horticultural opportunities; use of soft pla, MSI room and other facilities. Through curriculum links there would be integration opportunities. There would be opportunities for staff to benefit from in-house CPD provision learning from good and outstanding practice in both schools.

Can Staff join the Federation Committee?


The Federation committee is formed by BS and MW's governing bodies. The Federation committee has representatives from parent and staff governors from both schools. The parents and staff from both schools can address their questions and thoughts on the Federation process to the headteacher, any governing body member or any representation on the Federation committee.


Can other schools join this Federation?


Yes, it is possible

How is the leadership appointed?


The head and deputy head of the Federation will be appointed through our normal application and recruiting process.


Would the Federating process result in Redundancies? 



Does the Federation need its own name?


Yes, there will be a new name for the Federation. But both schools will keep their own names.

Will both schools have their own budget?


Yes, both schools will have their own budget however it is possible that part of the budget will be reserved for a Federation budget for functions that cover both schools.

What happens after the consultation period?


Both BS and MW school's governing bodies will make the decision about whether the Federation process will continue.

If staff would like to like to work at the other Federation if they wish?


Yes, this would be considered as an excellent CPD opportunity.

When will the schools have one governing body?


The current target is that the Federation would operate under one governing body from the beginning of April 2017. However the process may take a bit longer.


Is the consultation feedback a "Vote"?


No, consultation feedback forms provide the Federation committee and both governing bodies with valuable information about the staff and parents' opinions about the Federation initiative. Information gathered via Federation consultation is advisory.

What happens with Yr 6 transfers at MW School?


The current practice will continue. Parents of MW school students would express their preference for their child's secondary placement.

Are either school going to change their uniform or name?


There will be no change to the uniforms or names of either school. Each school will continue to operate with the same school start and finish times as they do.

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