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Our School Values


The Sunflower Federation is committed to provide Opportunities for All.





We are dedicated to enable all students to discover their potential for learning. Our students, regardless of their background, are at the centre of our school community. They learn about the importance of respect and tolerance throughout their school life.  We value individuality and celebrate the difference as being flexible and child centred is the key to maximise positive impact of our work.

We promote the basic British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs. Therefore we build our teaching and learning on equal opportunities and access to practise skills that are needed for life in modern Britain. 

We have an age appropriate and rich curriculum that ensures that our students learn about other cultures, religions and ethnic backgrounds. We provide our students with opportunities to experience differences and similarities through celebrations and festivals from round the world. It is important for us that our students’ voice is listened to and they have many opportunities to make choices and express themselves. Our students have a safe environment in which they can experience boundaries and learn about responsibilities that further develop their understanding of themselves in relation to other people.  

Our school is strongly linked to the local community and our well established links with schools from the same village are an extremely important part of our curriculum. These especially occur through Art and PE our students have many opportunities to visit different venues and other schools participating in competitions, tournaments and celebrations. Our international links provide our students with opportunities to make friends, visit other countries and learn from different cultures. 

The safety and wellbeing of our student is of paramount of importance. Therefore we work closely with parents, social work teams and our medical team with regards to any concerns about health and safety of our students. The school has responsibility to report safeguarding concerns to Social Services. 

•       Ms Merja Paakkonen is a Designated Safeguarding and PREVENT lead; Mrs Caroline Day Lewis and Mr Darren White are Deputy Designated Senior Persons (DSP)  at school

•       Mrs Jane Rogers is our Safeguarding governor 

•       Mrs Rosie Cooper and Marylin Goldstein our Health and Safety governors with associate members Michael Wheeler and Michael Wakelin

Our School has a Health and Safety Committee that meets regularly to monitor health and safety issues at school. Our Child Protection Policy and Health and Safety Policy are available in our ‘Documents’ section. All our staff have been DBS checked and they participate annually in safeguarding and WRAP / PREVENT training.

Our staff shares a commitment to achieve the highest standards in teaching and learning as well as in the health and safety of our vulnerable children and young people.  

MISSION - Provide the best possible practice to develop individuals’ potential.

VISION - All members of our community benefit from our work.

VALUE - Provide flexible, individually tailored opportunities to learn and be proud.

AIM - Individuals are able to use the skills they need.

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